And Then One Day…

The pen and paper just lay there
Like many a night before,
Beside the eerie lantern light
With shadows on the floor.
And like them every night I lay
Staring at the bright light
Willing my mind to rest at ease,
Fighting the urge to write.
And then one day, come dawn
Waking from a troubled sleep,
I see raindrops grace the morn
And thunder threatens to speak.
As I reach for pen and paper beside the lantern light
‘Oh God’, I whisper, ‘help me make this right.’
And then I put pen to paper under that golden glow
And as the rain came down with rage, my words, they began to flow.
Oh joy! I was finally free
From the shackles of the past
And with the raindrops on the trees
Came my tears of joy at last.

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