The Red Dress

As the big, old clock on the wall chimed a half past eight,
She closed the book with haste,
Forgetting herself, she sprung from her chair, for fear of making him wait.

Tonight was the night, she was quite sure
He had something he wanted to say
But each time he had made an attempt to say more
A phone call had whisked him away.

Not tonight’ she thought, with trembling joy
Tonight he will surely speak
With the bend of a knee and the shine of a ring
Her hand he will surely seek.

All eyes would then be on her alone
Her happiness for all the world to see
What it meant to be loved by the one you love most
Oh, how lucky, this bride-to-be!’

She pulled out the red dress she had saved for this day
His gift from that special store
Complete with her lipstick and purse tucked away
She was already out of the door.

With a nervous flush and trembling hands
she stepped out of the car,
Hurrying up the marble stairs, the door, she saw, was ajar.

With a smile on her red lips and a knock on the door
She tiptoed into the room
The sight that she saw, the sounds that she heard
Brought her dreams crashing to the floor.

There he was, caressing her face with a kiss, and that charming smile
There she lay, another woman, laughing and holding him all the while.

She turned to the door, a fire in her heart
And tears welled up in her eyes
She ran down the stairs and into her car
Her mind filled with all the lies.

Once back in her chambers
She stripped off the dress
Of love, no longer a trace,
Down on her knees, with a head full of rage
She set the dress ablaze.

Bit by bit, cloth by cloth, the flames made their way
And just like her heart that had torn into pieces
The red dress, it withered away.

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