The Angel

I looked across the road one day on a breezy moonlit night,

There she was, a painter’s dream, a vision in creamy white.

Her sari fluttering in the wind, dark hair down to her waist,

With one arm around a little girl, for the bus she ran with haste.

That’s when I saw her beautiful face was gripped with unusual fear

With fear she looked around herself, a daunting evil was near.

My heart went out to her troubles and I looked around the place

And as I glanced back at her, her eyes, they met my gaze.

As if a fire had been lit and with it an icy gale,

I stood, unable to move, as her eyes told me a tale.

Just when my mouth opened to utter a word unknown,

A hand came from behind her and grabbed her trembling own.

Her eyes grew wide in shock and fear,

She pleaded with him, let go.

But the beast, he pushed her from the rear,

dragging her to a car door.

And just like that, with tearful eyes, fighting with all her might,

The beautiful girl, that painter’s dream, vanished from my sight.

Stunned, I stood there for a minute more, as if frozen in time,

As I turned to walk away, a hand reached out to mine.

I looked down into the same eyes I saw, trembling, I bent my knee

For the hand that took mine was of the little girl ; she had sent her life to me.

“Keep her safe”, said the letter in the little angel’s hand,

“I don’t know who you are but my eyes saw a good man.”

With that this little girl was now my own to care,

And as she looked up at me, a smile began to appear.

Tears in my eyes and trembling still, I looked for her again,

But she was gone, I knew that now; something in the air changed.

I lifted the angel into my arms,

A new feeling overcame,

And as she kissed my cheek with love,

A father I became.











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