Now, Hooliganism is the way forward

  (Published in The Times of India: )

Much like a spoilt child that is allowed to throw tantrums when refused a toy of their choosing, the Jats decided to throw their own tantrum emulating that spoilt brat child that wants many things but deserves none. Except they took their tantrum too far, the casualties of which have been the lives of many innocent people.

And for what? For a reservation status that many other disabled, weaker sections deserve far more. You don’t see them burning down buses, pelting crowds with stones and bringing states and cities to a halt like hooligans. As someone rightly stated, if seats are reserved in trains and other transport systems for disabled, handicapped men and women only, why should there be an uproar among perfectly abled, financially sound sections, throwing their weight around and wreaking such havoc that has taken nineteen lives already? Unacceptable.

The Haryanvi chess player, Anuradha Beniwal pleads in a video to her fellow Haryanvi Jats to end the agitation and stop the ruining of their own lands and people. To stop making a laughing stock of a country that is already burdened with a teetering ethical reputation and stop indulging in acts of violence and barbarism that only turn the tides of progress back towards unabated regression.

We were still in the throes of the JNU debacle dividing the nation and pointing angry fingers every which way, when the Jats decided to roll in with their own charades, perhaps emboldened by the blatant ineptitude of our very ‘hardworking’ police force or the clear ‘gundagardi’ that seems to be the norm these days.

But sadder still is the fact that such gundagardi finds its mark and brings the results it has so treacherously set out to obtain – the government finally gives in and decrees that the OBC status, will, in fact, be doled out for the ‘gundas’ of Haryana in the upcoming Vidhan Sabha session. Bravo. Instead of putting their foot down and punishing the unabashed acts of choking water supply, torching houses and livelihoods of people, injuring and killing many innocents and causing even airline, train and road traffic to come to a halt due to their bratty agitations, these hooligans have now subsided their wrath somewhat after their greed has been quenched. The toy shall be given to the child that is most misbehaved.

I read a comic strip someone has posted today on Facebook. It showed a laughing Obama with the words ” Go on India, increase reservations so that you take the reserved and we take your deserved.” If this doesn’t hit the nail on its head, I don’t know what does.

Today its reservations. Tomorrow it will be something bigger. And in the crosshairs, our country, our cities and our people will continue to suffer. Either do away with reservations completely, or limit them to those who truly deserve them.

As for hooligans who have taken the law in to their own hands, punish them. Teach them that greed and bad behavior will not merit privileges. Earning them through hardwork will. Our children learn the same way. This isn’t the world we are raising them for.

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