The written word – keeping me sane since 2014

It was always an urge bubbling under the surface since I was a teenager graduating from Enid Blytons to the Harper Lees and Sidney Sheldons of the world.
The urge to write myself. Reading books had already become an insatiable need very early on in my life. The want, nay, need to have a book by my bedside, on that train or plane journey was consistent and I now know, will always will be.
But I always thought this bubbling urge to write would forever remain an unreachable dream as I would often open my computer screen to give it a go and then close the blank Word document fifteen minutes later.
This writers block continued for many years. And eventually I placed this dream in a crevice at the back of my mind and let it fade. Until one winter night in 2014 when the urge bubbled again and I decided to try one more time.
We were in Munich in Germany and the snow had been threatening to descend upon us any day now. A storm was brewing in the night while another one was ostensibly brewing within me. I was none the wiser until I decided I would create a blog and play around with it, though consistent lack of confidence in my writing for many years convinced me that this attempt would be no different.
But voila! The storm outside lashed out as did my words on the computer screen, almost as if in defiance to the weather outside. The words flew out and my delight knew no bounds. I had it all along! Perhaps there is some truth when people say there is a time and place for everything , however delayed it may be.
I was now on a roll and in no mood to stop. My new-found skill egged me on and I continued to churn articles and a bit of poetry to furnish my blog. New-found confidence coupled with wanting to unleash my writing to the world and hone my skills with every piece, it became m new hobby and contructive pastime.
Before I knew it I saw my pieces being published. Joyous, I knew the most important lesson here was to never give up. And to always listen to the bubbling instincts within that can call out even at 3 AM on a stormy night. The written word stays with me through good days and bad, through stress, happiness, joy, love and sadness too.
If you haven’t yet tried to pen it all down, its never too late to start. For once you start, you can never stop. It grooms the mind and transcends horizons in thinking, helping you to discover more of yourself. But most of all, it keeps you sane through the storms – both outside and within.

One thought on “The written word – keeping me sane since 2014

  1. This article which started your onward journey in the field of creative writing is an inspiration to all of those who are struggling to make a mark in this hugely challenging field. I use the word, challenging, since it challenges you to think deeply, it challenges your writing skills and above all it makes you understand that no challenge has the ability to challenge your dreams. Those who dream in their dreams are always confined within their dreams…others turn their dreams into a reality.

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